Men's Haircut:$45

Whether you are seeking to maintain your current style or looking for a new direction our haircuts are always tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We believe that proper grooming begins with a thorough consultation and ends by educating our clients on how to maintain their new look. At Tao Barber Salon we firmly believe a great haircut is something that should never be rushed.

Buzz Cut:$25

A traditional buzz cut offers you classic styling with very low maintenance. Whether you are pressed for time or you prefer to keep things simple, this style deserves the satisfaction experienced with proper grooming.

Classic Razor Shave:$40

With todays fast-paced lifestyle most men simply opt for a quick shave with a multi-cartridge blade and standard shaving cream. While this serves its purpose, this routine does very little to help maintain a healthy and vibrant appearance. Our straight razor shave offers you a closer shave with less irritation, fewer ingrown hairs and blemishes, and a relaxing experience to calm the senses. With the use of professional quality products and our highly skilled staff, our Classic Razor Shave is sure to be an enjoyable treatment for every man.

Twin Luxe Shave:$55

For those looking to experience an even more luxurious service, we recommend our Twin Luxe Shave. In addition to all of the benefits of our Classic Razor Shave, this service soothes you with a facial massage and detoxifies your skin with a pore cleansing mask. Following the shave, a Soothing Face Balm will reduce inflammation and leave you with a healthy glow. For the ultimate shave experience... this is Gentlemen's grooming at its finest.

Beard Trim:$20

With the resurrection of the Full Beard we take great care in our approach towards proper grooming. Whether you have a close-cropped beard with defined lines or a full beard with a more natural look, routine maintenance will keep you looking your best.

Mustache Trim:$20

For those seeking a more simplistic yet classic look, we take as much care and consideration with this service as we do with a full beard trim.